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BioWare are definitely making a game that the fans want

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BioWare are definitely making a game that the fans want

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 3 November 2009, 09:36:02

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

This time, Polygamia + Ausir + David Silverman about Dragon Age:
As BioWare, do you plan to go more towards action gaming, or do you plan to keep developing more traditional RPGs as well?

We're definitely making a game that the fans want. And I think that's why BioWare has a loyal and awesome community, it's really up to them. If the fans want to see more action-RPGs, we'll find a way to make that work. If they want to see more traditional, in-depth RPGs, we'll deliver that as well.

Deliver plz?

There's also an interview with Voice Over girl Kate Mulgrew @ MTV:
"I'm not a gamer at all, and I think that's why I'm a good voice for these games. You don't want to have that cross-over, I don't think. In order to become Flemeth I can't really have any kind of stake in this game at all, except the stake of her reality."
BioWare's standards for storytelling have always been high, and it looks like they've tapped the perfect actress to handle such a compelling character. It doesn't hurt that, even in a casual conversation, I felt like I was talking to one of the professors at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts is a fictional magic school?

Thanks Ausir!

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