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DA Awakening News Bundle

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DA Awakening News Bundle

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 20 February 2010, 11:17:41

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

The best RPG since Arcanum will soon receive an expandening treatment.
That's reason enough to link to some previews.

Teambox says:

A lot of games are made with the goal of thinking and wondering where you can take it," says Melo. "Dragon Age is the reverse of that in a lot of respects. We have a lot of stories to tell, and Awakening is the next book.

Let's hope you have enough bucks to afford all that Bio storytelling.


When it's time to actually play it, I find myself in control a pre-made Warrior Grey Warden with three new characters in his party: Anders is a mage with a penchant for trying to escape the Circle Tower; Velanna is an angry Dalish Keeper who can be difficult to deal with if you're human; and Sigrun is a female Dwarven rogue who also happens to be a member of the Legion of the Dead. All of them are meant to explore different facets of the Dragon Age lore; online producer Fernando Melo notes, "It's a really interesting way, an organic way, by interacting with these characters to learn about some of those facets, rather than just drilling you with codex entries and things like that."


Awakening will feature some of the same kinds of choice and consequence gameplay Dragon Age fans will be familiar with, and according to Melo it can have a dramatic effect on the way thing develops. "You might not even realize that as you're playing the game, you're making decisions, you're enjoying the story and what's going on, and towards the end you'll realize you've made some pretty epic decisions much like with Origins. And you can't help but wonder if those are going to be reflected some point down the line."

So you will, like, realize that you were making, like, epic decisions and stuffies.

Meanwhile Chris Priestly explains on the Bioboards why you can't import DLC loot into Awakening.

Dragon Age: Origins DLC (from DAO or other prior DLC) is not available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening as we've already said.

While I know some fans are not happy with this, the main reason is, due to the advanced level of Awakening, the items you want to bring in would be rapidly less effective than the materials you start with or find early on in the game. Yes, in DA:O Starfang (or similar) are very powerful, but since you can reach level 30+ in Awakening, they would be ineffectual.

Trust me, there are heaps of cool new armors, weapons, spells, etc that you will want to use in Awakening that you will quickly learn to appreciate even more than your DLC items from DAO.

In other news Bioware reveales an additional character, Sigrun, an dwarfen chick with a german name. The name means *victory rune* or *Rune of Victory*. Watch a trailer.

And finally bitmob interviews Fernando Melo.

The sexual relationships in Origins were another polarizing feature -- are those going to make a return in Awakening?

FM: They will not. It'll be interesting to see peoples' reactions to it, because it was by far one of the things they enjoyed. I think there was a real risk, though, of us trying to add romances in [that] would've felt tacked on. The story doesn't lend itself to it; when you play through it, you'll realize the pacing is very different from Origins, there's a real impetus to just get on and solve the problems at hand. The characters that you're playing with all have strong enough backgrounds that you would need to really invest a lot of time to turn those characters around into something that was romanceable.

No romances? No sex? BIO why hast thou forsaken us?

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