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More Dark, Gritty, Mature Previews

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More Dark, Gritty, Mature Previews

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Tue 16 June 2009, 09:21:49

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

The "New Shit" and it's E3 appearance are still getting some coverage. First up is Xbox 360 Achievements
Each of your party members in Dragon Age: Origins will have their own characteristics – all members will have needs, motives and desires. As a result of your womanising, Leliana is quite pissed off to say the least and demands you make a choice between her and Morrigan, and show them both a little respect. Laidlaw went with the crowd on this one choosing Morrigan as the Warden’s true holder of his heart. As a result, Leliana now becomes disapproving of our main character which will negatively affect her in combat. Laidlaw comments that you can actually disgruntle them enough to make them leave your party, and on some instances if things escalate fast enough, force them into attacking you. The whole interaction with your party seems like a complex and intuitive system but only reading what your character says rather than hearing dialogue seems a bit of a faux pas to us and a little 1990. Don’t expect anything as advanced as Mass Effect’s dialogue because you’ll be sorely disappointed.
The second part of the presentation/walkthrough was more combat orientated as the Warden and co. head out to visit Flemeth, the source of the book of the secrets you gave Morrigan, and her mother. Flemeth was not only expecting your confrontation but heavily infers that Morrigan is just using you, and using sex as a weapon – something that Laidlaw commented was entirely possible. This puts you in a bind giving you the option to abandon Morrigan to her fate, work with Flemeth to cast her over to the old witch or kill Flemeth. As usual, the almighty power of sex presides and so the Warden chooses to kill Flemeth ... or at least try. Did we mention that Flemeth was a shapeshifting mage who could turn into a dragon? Ah ha ... course we didn’t.
Then we have
With a grin Silverman cuts the sex-scene short, telling us we'll have to wait for the final game to see just how risqué said scenes get. Our character appears outside Morrigan's shed once more and then we head over to Leliana. Uh-oh - she knows, and she's mad.

Watching this segment demonstrates perfectly how this game handles the Bioware mantra of choice and consequence. In many ways, Dragon Age is more nuanced than Mass Effect is, as characters weigh up each action and response you make to them in a more meaningful way.
Bolded the...uh..."interesting" parts.
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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