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Bearing False Witness in Dragon Age

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Bearing False Witness in Dragon Age

Preview - posted by baby arm on Mon 2 February 2009, 09:15:29

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

PC Gamer, which unfortunately appears to be the only PC gaming magazine left in the U.S., scored the first hands-on preview for BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins. There's no online article to link to, but GameBanshee posted some excerpts from the 8 page preview.
I click through a few screens of dialog to get the details - the citizen has written a controversial screed about one of the paragons, the living legends elected by the dwarven council who are meant to be revered by all. Indicting a paragon could be a serious offense.
The historian shoots back: "Not liking history doesn't make it any less true." And then I'm faced with a choice: Preserve his right to publish, or protect the name of the noble's paragon and his house? Not fond of censorship, I pick the most extreme option before me: order Gorim to have the noble assassinated. Gorim nods, darts off, and returns a moment later. "Word has been sent. He won't live past the hour." I cackle. In my mind, I twirl the curls of my massive beard. Less than 10 minutes in, I've ordered someone completely innocent (albeit annoying) to his death. Could more amoral decisions await? I can only hope.

Thanks to Kharn for the tip.

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