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Responsibility does not rest easy at BioWare

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Responsibility does not rest easy at BioWare

Company News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 29 September 2009, 15:19:04

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Link to reading at GamaSutra: Building Experiences The BioWare Way:
Greg Zeschuk has played and made a lot of RPGs [and] seems to have reached the point where his duties require a considerable amount of playing BioWare games as a player, not a full-time developer, to give high-level feedback and observations to the team. It's a responsibility the executive probably doesn't mind.

The studio is finishing up work on two major games, Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, due this November and Q1 2010 respectively.
How has the pseudo-merger of BioWare and Mythic worked out? GZ: It's been going really good. We had a great time working with the guys with Mythic. We've been out there already a few times. It's kind of funny, because we're literally almost across the country. They're way in D.C., we're up in Edmonton. But we've been there a few times, and it's going really well.
GZ: That's a good observation. You do need to really engage with the games that we make. To be fair, I think Mass Effect is the kind of game you can play pretty quick. And the interesting thing about Dragon Age is it's actually very bite-sized -- even though it's a giant buffet. You can still play it in bits and pieces.
In Mass Effect, although I really enjoyed it, with a few big exceptions, my critical path through that game is basically the same as everyone else's. It looks like Dragon Age puts more emphasis on that. GZ: It does. I was asking Ray a couple days ago -- I did this one big event one way. I ask, "How did you do it?" He says, "Oh, I did all the ways." "So, how many are there?" "Nine." And to think they're actually really dramatically different. They do have a meaningful change.
This is all stuff we've ruminated over at BioWare. In Jade Empire, there was a really good example of that. We had a really intricate quest line for one of the characters, very obscure and incredibly cool. But we realized almost no one found it. So we said, "Okay, just don't make the great stuff obscure. If you have great stuff, at least make sure it's out there and that people can find it."

Incidentally my marriage with my Indian wife is also going awesome. I've been to the country a few times and saw here once or twice. It's going really well.

Am I saying that with a straight enough face?

Thanks Rohit_N!

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