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Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt - The Spoilers of Morrigan

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Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt - The Spoilers of Morrigan

Preview - posted by Jason on Sun 5 September 2010, 23:33:25

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Gamespot played bits and pieces of the next Dragon Age DLC, Witch Hunt.

Despite the fact that we're basically spoiling the ending of the DLC in this story (and with it, the saga of the original Dragon Age), you can take comfort in the fact that Morrigan was her usual cryptic self, and generally avoided giving a straight answer to nearly all of our questions. When asked about her intentions, she simply replied that she had much to do that required her to acquire power over time, and that her adopted mother Flemeth was the real threat (and depending on whether you elected to kill Flemeth, you can take a slightly different dialogue choice here). When asked about the child, Morrigan says only that the child is somewhere safe, and being prepared for "what is to come." After barely giving you any kind of answers to your questions, you must then bid the witch farewell, though how you choose to end your meeting with her is up to you.


If you try to sleep until morning,

turn to page 27.


If you try to grope your way out,

turn to page 31.

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