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Dragon Age site updated

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Dragon Age site updated

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 11 February 2006, 23:12:20

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

What the title said - the official Dragon Age site is updated. Bio continues to insist that it's a blockbuster title and adds some really awesome generic descriptions as proof.

Dragon Ageâ„¢ is a blockbuster fantasy role-playing game set in a vast new world created by BioWare.

Your adventures will take you across the kingdom of Ferelden. Explore blood-soaked battlefields, ancient forests and intriguing urban settings. Resist the corrupting power of magic as you discover the abandoned wizard's tower; then descend into the halls of a dwarven kingdom. But beware! Dwarven politics may prove as deadly as their blades. This is a world as real as our own, but where the dark allure of magic ultimately shapes every facet of society. It is a world where willpower and cunning can claim a kingdom!
Cute, but hardly as awesome as a world where necromancy can enslave nations.

Explore Dragon Age through a deep, cinematic storyline. Choose how you interact with the other inhabitants of the world: your interactions will influence how this immersive world changes in reaction to larger-than-life world events. Build a party of unforgettable companions you can befriend, romance, or simply exploit. Engage in tactically challenging, party-based combat against a cast of diverse opponents. In Dragon Age you will uncover hidden magic, battle horrific creatures, and challenge power-hungry nobles.
Larger then life? Unforgettable companions? Horrific creatures? Sounds like a Disney commercial.

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