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Georg Zoeller sez turn based in multiplayer ain't fun

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Georg Zoeller sez turn based in multiplayer ain't fun

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 16 June 2004, 19:30:40

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins; Georg Zoeller

Goerg Zoeller of BioWare replied to this thread about the fun factor of turn based combat in multiplayer due to a request for that in Dragon Age. Here's his two cents:

A multiplayer environment where other players have to wait for the current players turn to finish is among the most "unfun" things I can imagine.

Yes, it's nice for certain types of games (i.e. Civilisation) where you can spent hours watching the units move over the screen or those 1 on 1 games you can play in HotSeat mode, but not for a RPG with more than 2 players. Playing BG II in MP mode with just one pause-happy companion was annoying enough, full turnbased combat would drive me nuts. No, I think BG/KotOR worked pretty well with a real time based approach (and probably sold much better than ToEE), so I wouldn't see a reason to suddenly go full turn based.

But that's my personal opinion, I'm sure at least the guys at RPGCodex would disagree.

You're damned straight we disagree! I find it tedious waiting six seconds for me to watch my guy swing a sword.

Thanks, Dhruin of RPGDot.

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