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Dragon Age's online bits with Fernando Melo

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Dragon Age's online bits with Fernando Melo

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 2 November 2009, 09:28:44

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Another Ausir interview at polygamia. This time it's Fernando Melo. Who the fuck is he I hear you ask:
What is your job at BioWare?

I'm the online producer of Dragon Age: Origins. So basically I oversee the team that is going to take over Dragon Age: Origins after it ships, which includes downloadable content, patches, updates, the toolset and parts of the social site.
Can it also allow you to track how people play your game and react to that in future titles?

Absolutely. Even in the downloadable content, we have a plan to support the game for about two years afterwards. And a lot of that is not just us saying that we want people to play this, it's listening to our community in both what they're doing in the game and what they choose to let us now, but also traditionally through forum posts, now on the social site we also can take a look at their stories, we can also look at blog posts and wikis, how many people are following other players and characters through their game, and those are really good indicators of the type of content people enjoy in Dragon Age. So it's going to be less about what we think people want and what they actually want to play. It's very important for us.

BioWare is watching you play.

Thanks Ausir!

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