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Dragon Age: Witch Hunt Impressions

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Dragon Age: Witch Hunt Impressions

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 9 September 2010, 10:03:05

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

RPGWatcher Dhruin played through the latest Dragon Age BioDLC and shares his impressions.

The mage Finn soon joins the party, alongside some careless dialogue (Finn remarks on the search for Morrigan, something no one has actually revealed at that point).  Two new locations follow - a new Dwarven Thaig and some Elven ruins - with a linear path through both and a series of throwaway encounters with shrieks, standard darkspawn and the like.  Having imported my Awakening character (it didn't seem to make sense to "go back in time" and choose an older character), the combat is hack'n'slash -like.  At no point did I really have to think beyond clicking on an enemy...and then the next.  Even the big, new monster - the impressive looking varterral - required no more than randomly clicking some of my rogue's special abilities without any real tactics.


To be fair, some of the problems aren't really the fault of this content but come from the DLC implementation.  There's no real reason to care about loot or levelling, for example, because you'll (probably) never to get to use them again.  There's some humorous banter but it felt a bit forced: I don't know these people.  The combat is extremely dull, possibly because it has to scale to various levels (or because BioWare has pulled back from the initial difficulty?).  Being at the end of the Dragon Age: Origins road, my character is an overpowered god.  I could have created a new character (the option is provided at the beginning of this DLC) but one of the major attractions for this content is finishing a previously started journey.


So, was it worth it?  Quite simply: no.  I'm not someone who measures content in dollars-per-hour-played but rather in terms of the experience.  Witch Hunt didn't provide story closure, the gameplay was dull  - and the two or so hours not worth the $7.


Spotted at: RPGWatch

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