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Why Marilyn Manson Worked for BioWare

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Why Marilyn Manson Worked for BioWare

Interview - posted by Jason on Tue 6 April 2010, 07:05:01

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare's Greg Zeschuk let Gamasutra in on what it's like to be reshaping the Modern RPG.
As far as the marketing push from EA on Dragon Age, it was very much oriented toward high-action, bloody battles. The way I was seeing it marketed made me feel like, probably, some guys who don't really know what's actually going on in the game, are going to pick it up. I think that sort of marketing probably worked in Dragon Age's favor, but not so much in, say, Brutal Legend's favor.

GZ: Well, I mean, it's interesting to me obviously because of the controversy with it. I think we were trying, and we've always said that certainly, what the real objective for us was, was to show what was in the game.

Obviously, the advertising wasn't in any way representative of the proportionate time split. Everything from the advertising was from the game, but it was only part of the time. There's a lot of other stuff.

I think it worked in the sense that it got a lot of attention for it. It got people really looking at the title. I think it probably expanded the audience a little bit into people -- it's one of the hits of thee fall, and it's one of the big games -- and they're like, "Okay, well, it looks action-y enough that I'm interested in it," and I think that was actually the reason that it worked.

That potential new audience, those are the people especially that need the extra hand-holding.

GZ: Yeah. I definitely agree.

Spotted at: Gamasutra

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