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Dragon Age: Awakening Preview

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Dragon Age: Awakening Preview

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 6 March 2010, 16:33:00

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

The Awakening of Dragon Age is almost complete.
Meanwhile read some first impressions.

If you have a high level character from Origins but don't particularly like the choices you made as they advanced, you can buy a Manual of Focus from a familiar vendor in Vigil's Keep for a mere handful of sovereigns. This book allows you to refunds all the points you spent on attributes, skills and abilities so you can build up your characters the way you'd like them to have developed if you had known just how pointless Chain Lightning really was.
Warriors can shift towards mages by selecting the Spirit Warrior specialization, which allows them to use certain Fade abilities during combat. The warrior trained as a Guardian will excel at protecting allies with group buffs.
The Warrior's Second Wind regenerates almost all stamina at once, which can definitely turn the tide of battle very quickly. The warrior also has new abilities that can automatically kill normal level enemies and significantly wound elites and bosses. All of the weapon styles have new lines as well. I particularly like the dual-wield line, which is good because it was my least favorite of all the styles in Origins. The last line not only offers improved critical hits and bleeds but also has an ability that rapidly and constantly attacks an enemy until he is dead. Archery has new critical and AOE effects and two-handed combat has plenty of new knockdown effects and charges. My favorite of all is the first power in the new shield line, which basically has the power to knock down any enemy you touch.

Seems as if Bio improved playing as a Warrior type even further.

Spotted at: RPGWatch

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