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Dragon Age - the future of role-playing!

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Dragon Age - the future of role-playing!

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 6 April 2007, 15:57:47

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

CVG has posted a very enthusiastic preview of Bioware's Dragon Age, written by a 12-year old dumbass.

You and I both know that BioWare are fundamentally one of the most important development houses in the known world ...

They've shocked and awed us, but they've been modest about it. They've never climbed upon a metaphorical pub table, disrobed and bellowed: "My name is BioWare! And these are my giant, fantastic and gobsmacking role-play balls!", before placing them in a pint glass for public viewing.

In the true spirit of Tolkien, BioWare have dispensed with setting their stage within existing canons, that of Star Wars or D&D's Forgotten Realms, and created their own mythos and IP from scratch. heavily borrowing from both Star Wars (ME) and DnD.

Yes, Jade Empire was constructed in a similar fashion - but this runs far deeper, and the thoughts going into it are entirely more revolutionary than what's gone before. You start out by, as is tradition, selecting a certain race and a certain class - the latter giving the relatively broad canvasses of fighter, rogue and mage for you to build upon.
Revolutionary indeed.

One example of how interaction will work is Shale - a character similar to KOTOR's annihilistic droid HK47 - he's a 9ft dwarven War Golem who you can inscribe with runes as the game progresses to power him up. Whether he ends up as a happy, opinionated member of society or remains an unthinking tool of destruction is up to you. As indeed, ultimately, are kingships, the lives and deaths of countless people and the fate of entire races...
... and nations that could be enslaved by necromancy!

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