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VD holds forth on Dragon Age Quest Design

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VD holds forth on Dragon Age Quest Design

Review - posted by Jason on Thu 3 December 2009, 07:55:09

Tags: Dragon Age: Origins; Vince D. Weller

Iron Tower Ubersturmfuhrer Vault Dweller and Gareth "NakedNinja" Fouche threw together their thoughts on quest design in Dragon Age.
Not only are the quests well integrated with the main plot, they do a great job of introducing and illustrating the core themes and conflicts of the world of Dragon Age. The setting is a familiar mix of Tolkienesque fantasy races, Elves, Dwarves, Ogres and suchlike, but the quests bring the conflicts that shape these groups to life, whether it is the tension between the Circle of Magi and the Chantry, who is tasked with keeping their dangerous powers in check, the treacherous arena of Dwarven politics or the struggle for the Elves to survive and thrive. Rather than simply being told about the setting's conflicts, you get to witness them and participate in them.

And you definitely get to play an active role. The second aspect of good quest design is, as we all know, player’s choice, the ability to make decisions that affect both the player and the world around him. Dragon Age does a better job of providing these options than any previous Bioware game, in fact any RPG since Arcanum, and rarely misses a chance to present you with an interesting choice to consider.

The article manages to make DA sound like a pretty nifty game, which leads to only one logical conclusion: Gaider finally managed to buy off Vault Dweller. So how many Mass Effect 2 tchotchkes did it take, VD? Was that Garrus t-shirt really worth it?

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