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BioWare's guide to good Dragon Age previews.

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BioWare's guide to good Dragon Age previews.

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 5 September 2009, 10:55:11

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Step 1: Bribe the journalist:
I had the honor of being offered a chance to attend a press event hosted by BioWare, in Edmonton, Canada, during August 12 to 14. With BioWare being kind enough to offer a free hotel room, and being taken out on the town, as well as a chance to get an in-depth look at the game, this opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Step 2: Confuddle them with developer access:
Some of the game's developers, including the Lead Developer himself, Michael Laidlaw, were on hand to give as a taste of what we can expect in Dragon Age.

Step 3: Win!
It will be an impressive product that will come out in November, I can say that much.
To begin with, an explanation of what is meant by dark fantasy in the context of this game is in order. First, the term dark fantasy is meant as a deliberate contrast to high fantasy.
All of this makes for an incredibly rich and detailed campaign that BioWare has obviously invested a great amount of effort into putting together. And it also takes roleplaying to the highest order. I will be highly surprised if there is any potential decision in the game that is truly innocuous. That is to say, any decision can have repercussions for your character, however further down the road. And they can be pretty drastic indeed. It also means that many decisions have a definite complexity that goes far beyond previous RPGs.

You can read the rest of Sorcerers' Places's'ss rather gushing preview here.

Meanwhile over on GameBanshee...
Let me start off by first saying that if you're looking for a quick, generalized overview of Dragon Age: Origins, then this article isn’t for you. I’m not going to be covering the dark fantasy atmosphere the game employs, nor will I be covering the six origin stories at length or any of the specific goals that need to be accomplished during the game. All of that has been paraded about in countless previews on the web and in magazines, and I feel as though I have much more important ground to cover after spending several hours with the game.

Instead, my purpose with this article is to give you a firm understanding of the game's mechanics and inner workings so you can formulate your own opinion on whether or not Dragon Age: Origins is worthy of a spot next to your Baldur's Gate collection as BioWare claims it to be. Make yourself comfortable - there's a lot to learn.

They've got a bunch of interviews and stuff as well (because that's what you're supposed to do with developer access, silly!). A metric fuckton of concept art and screenshots are also up at tentonhammer.

Thanks Taluntain!

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