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David Gaider has free reign in Dragon Age

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David Gaider has free reign in Dragon Age

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 23 August 2008, 11:24:05

Tags: David Gaider; Dragon Age: Origins

GameShark have quizzed David Gaider over Dragon Age. It's a wanky interview (What's your favourite character in Dragon Age :blush:) with not much substance:
... we faced a lot of road blocks whenever we attempted to do even mildly risqué things in the D&D games. Which is fine, right? It's their property; they should get to make sure it's portrayed in whatever manner they wished. Part of the thing about BioWare having its own property, however, was that it was going to have free reign to put out something that was intended for adults right from the start.

Not that you want to go crazy, necessarily. It's not like we have naked people running around beating each other with bloody arm stumps while eating children. Though now that I think of it, wouldn't that be awesome? It's just nice to have the option, and I think that exercising that option made Dragon Age possible.

Meanwhile Dragon Age Central have a transcript of Gamers With Jobs David Gaider interview. As per usual, the fan-based / non-mainstream interview actually asks some interesting questions:
We’re taking a couple of things we learned from Mass Effect, which is basically the acting element, seeing the character up-close, see the nuances of emotion, and also things like the one dialogue we showed where you’re not just talking to a face that’s standing still; sometimes you will be walking through a town and talking to them as you’re moving. The only thing we didn’t do that Mass Effect did - we aren’t doing any voice over for the player character.

There's more on in-game reputation, his vision of the Dragon Age world and other stuff.

Thanks M Davis and Xerxos !

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