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KOTOR is the pinnacle of greatness in TB RPGs

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KOTOR is the pinnacle of greatness in TB RPGs

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 18 January 2005, 19:18:15

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Yep, that's how the <a href=http://www.eglive.com/index.php?view=article&article=201>review[/url] starts. You know you have something good when it starts like that. Anyway, this particular review is written by Entertainment Gaming Live and, while whether or not KOTOR is the pinnacle of greatness is debatable, EGL is definitely the pinnacle of stupidity:


This is where KOTOR shines. The turn based combat is like no other and is done in real time. It is quick, and the variety is immense. Combat is so quick you may have to pause the game to get your barrings and plan out your next move. You can que attacks up to 3 at a time so you can work on other team mates without having to worry about another character, this feature comes in handy, and goes well with the combat. At any point during combat you can switch weapons, to take up a turn, but it's worth it if you know what you're doing. There are basically 3 types of attacks (with much variety within), strong, weak (fast), and force (magic). Force attacks depend on what side of the Light or dark spectrum you are on. If you are an evil Jedi you can do seriously damaging attacks like choke, or force lightning. If you are a Light Jedi you can do more calm and healing techniques like Heal, and force push.

The enemy AI is fairly intelligent, but really isn't to incredibly smart. the main strength of your enemies is numbers. You are often faced with 5 or 6 guards at a time, sometimes with evil jedi's thrown in. After you get used to combat for awhile, the normal baddies will be no problem, only the Dark Jedis will concern you, because they have force powers, and are smarter than the average bad guy.

The gameplay outside of combat is awesome as well. Outside of combat you can set traps, or hack computers, to get rid of enemies in other rooms so that you aren't faced with combat. There are many worlds to explore, and all but one can be revisited whenever you wish. Your ship is esentially your base, you can fix or alter weapos there, switch out party members, travel to different worlds, or just talk to your party members, who all have special talents like making grenades for you, or finding something.

So all in all KOTOR's gameplay is incredible, if you like rpg's at all, you will love KOTOR. But don't expect to be able to fire your rifle at will, because combat is TURN BASED. Some of the pictures and screen shots you see may mislead you into thinking that that the combat is fully interactive like Dark Cloud, or Sudeki, but it's actually turn based like Final Fantasy.​
Incredible! The style reminds me of JeffK, only this guy is for real.

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