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Good Old Games

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

There are 182 articles associated with this tag:

20-Jan-2015 [Game News] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Released on GOG
27-Apr-2014 [Company News] Knights of the Old Republic declared non-canon by Lucasarts - probably won't see sequels
26-Jul-2009 [Editorial] The Citizen Kanes of video games
29-Mar-2009 [Editorial] Where is gaming's Brokeback Mountain?
25-Feb-2009 [Review] KOTOR revisited @ EuroGamer
17-Oct-2005 [Review] Better late than never: a KOTOR review
18-Jan-2005 [Review] KOTOR is the pinnacle of greatness in TB RPGs
8-Nov-2004 [Review] The most idiotic KOTOR review evar
7-Nov-2004 [Review] Someone stupid reviews KOTOR
18-Aug-2004 [Review] Why idiots like KOTOR?
7-Jul-2004 [Review] Thunderbolt adores KOTOR
14-May-2004 [Review] Just for laughs: The most stupid KOTOR review
31-Mar-2004 [Review] RPG Dot opinion on KOTOR
29-Mar-2004 [Game News] KOTOR wins again, and again, and again...
22-Mar-2004 [Review] KotOR leg humping at Madshrimps
13-Mar-2004 [Review] IC Games cant get enough of KOTOR
10-Mar-2004 [Editorial] PCGamer: Galaxies is a better RPG then KOTOR
8-Mar-2004 [Game News] ELiTeD's Game of 2003: KotOR
6-Mar-2004 [Game News] AIAS announces t3h w1nn4hz
2-Mar-2004 [Game News] KotOR is now officially 1.03
26-Feb-2004 [Review] KotOR pimped by PCKiller
20-Feb-2004 [Review] KotOR sweet love at OcPrices
17-Feb-2004 [Review] Fragland shows affection for KOTOR
14-Feb-2004 [None] AIAS announces nominees for 7th annual AIAA
12-Feb-2004 [Review] HS Gamers enjoy KOTOR
11-Feb-2004 [Review] GamePowah hypes KOTOR
10-Feb-2004 [Game News] KotOR continues to sell big
10-Feb-2004 [Review] Wargamers's opinion on KOTOR
10-Feb-2004 [Review] OcPrices approves of KOTOR
8-Feb-2004 [Review] KotOR by candlelight at VideoGamesLife
7-Feb-2004 [Review] KotOR lapped up by GameHelpers
6-Feb-2004 [Review] GameSpot AU likes KOTOR
6-Feb-2004 [Review] Four Fat Chicks dig KotOR
5-Feb-2004 [Review] KotOR lust at GamersDepot
4-Feb-2004 [Game News] KotOR patched to 1.02
28-Jan-2004 [Review] WickedToast acclaims KOTOR
26-Jan-2004 [Review] Hot damn, does Boomtown ever love KotOR
24-Jan-2004 [Review] Another retarded...er, I mean, Armchair Empire likes KOTOR
24-Jan-2004 [Review] PC Gameworld bewitched by KOTOR
22-Jan-2004 [Review] Gameguru thinks KOTOR is awesome
19-Jan-2004 [Editorial] Summaries and Prognoses 2003/2004 @ GamePUB
18-Jan-2004 [None] GameSpot readers choose KOTOR
17-Jan-2004 [Review] KotOR totally pimped by GameChronicles
16-Jan-2004 [Review] Just RPG amazed by KOTOR, the best RPG of 2003
14-Jan-2004 [Review] Another idiotic KOTOR review
13-Jan-2004 [Review] The most overhyped KOTOR review ever
13-Jan-2004 [None] RPG Vault 2003 awards: Kotor is teh w1n
13-Jan-2004 [Review] KotOR heaps of love at GamingVoice
12-Jan-2004 [Editorial] RPGDot readers stunned by KotOR
12-Jan-2004 [Review] PC GameXC really likes KOTOR
11-Jan-2004 [Review] KotOR a mixed dish for RPG.net
10-Jan-2004 [Review] KotOR hooting and hollering at Gaming Media
9-Jan-2004 [Editorial] RPGDot reader think KotOR was really pretty
8-Jan-2004 [Game News] GameZone: KOTOR is the best game of 2003
8-Jan-2004 [Review] Gaming Media drools all over KOTOR
6-Jan-2004 [Review] Jolt.co.uk reviews KotOR
6-Jan-2004 [Review] GameOver and KotOR: a match made in heaven
6-Jan-2004 [Review] PC Gameworld thinks KOTOR is turn based
5-Jan-2004 [Review] GameOver talks about KOTOR
3-Jan-2004 [Game News] UGO adds KOTOR and DeusEx 2 to the best of 2003 list
2-Jan-2004 [Review] RPG Vault admires KOTOR
1-Jan-2004 [Review] Discworld overhypes KOTOR
25-Dec-2003 [Review] ZenGamer marvels at KOTOR
25-Dec-2003 [Game News] GameSpot names KotOR Best RPG 2003
24-Dec-2003 [Game News] KotOR sells good in November
19-Dec-2003 [Review] Khabal Gaming thinks that KOTOR is the bestest game evar
19-Dec-2003 [Review] Computer and Video Games loves KOTOR (as expected)
18-Dec-2003 [Review] Visceris does KOTOR!
17-Dec-2003 [Review] New Wave Gaming drools all over KOTOR
15-Dec-2003 [Review] KotOR stroked like a kitten at GamePlanet NZ
13-Dec-2003 [Review] Worthplaying would like a) more KotOR and b) fresh underpants
12-Dec-2003 [Editorial] RPGDot doesn't know what the d20 system is
9-Dec-2003 [Review] GameAxis very much likes KotOR
9-Dec-2003 [Development Info] KotOR patched up to 1.01
7-Dec-2003 [Review] KotOR sweet nothings at Game Revolution
4-Dec-2003 [Development Info] KotOR patch soon
3-Dec-2003 [Review] I did KotOR
3-Dec-2003 [Codex Review] Uberlong Knights of the Old Republic review
2-Dec-2003 [Review] KotOR sweet nothings at Sphinx's Sanitarium
2-Dec-2003 [Review] KotOR beach blanket bingo at Telefragged
1-Dec-2003 [Review] KotOR lusting at CGR
1-Dec-2003 [Review] Gamer's Hell loves (to spoil) KotOR
29-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR passions at GameBanshee
29-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR truly madly at Action Trip
27-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR gets sweaty with RPG Fan
25-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR sheet rolling at GameIndustry
25-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR making whoopie at GamesDomain
25-Nov-2003 [Review] GameSpot drools all over KOTOR
23-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR hot lusting at GameSpy
23-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR satisfies 1Up
22-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR wubbed by PC.IGN
22-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR hardware fixes available
20-Nov-2003 [Review] KotOR first gushings at GameSpy
19-Nov-2003 [Interview] KotOR questions at GameSpy
13-Nov-2003 [Preview] UGO ogles KOTOR
11-Nov-2003 [Development Info] KotOR GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!
2-Nov-2003 [Interview] KotOR tit for tat at HomeLAN Fed
1-Nov-2003 [Preview] KOTOR drooled over at Computer Gaming World
29-Oct-2003 [Interview] KOTOR interview at GameSpot
23-Oct-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview over at GameSpy
13-Oct-2003 [Interview] KotOR riddle me this at PC GameWorld
12-Oct-2003 [Preview] KotOR glimpsing at GameSpot
10-Oct-2003 [Interview] KotOR PC interview at PCGameworld
19-Jul-2003 [Preview] KOTOR previewed at Just RPG
7-Jul-2003 [Interview] KotOR queries answered at GameBanshee
2-Jul-2003 [Preview] KotOR glance at Gamers Europe
4-Jun-2003 [Game News] KotOR Lightsabres
29-May-2003 [Preview] KotOR E3 thingy at WarGamer
28-May-2003 [Preview] KotOR E3 gander up at MixnMojo
20-May-2003 [Preview] KotOR E3 write up at Gamer's Pulse
15-May-2003 [Preview] KotOR E2 stuff at IGN
14-May-2003 [Preview] GameSpy's KoTOR preview
8-May-2003 [Interview] KotOR interview over at GameRadar
5-May-2003 [Development Info] KotOR due out this Fall
3-May-2003 [Interview] KotOR back-forth at Games Domain
26-Apr-2003 [Preview] KotOR dev diary on IGN
24-Apr-2003 [Interview] KotOR voice acting Q&A at GameSpot
23-Apr-2003 [Interview] KotOR question exchange at XBoxGamers
15-Apr-2003 [Interview] BioWare CEOs talk KotOR with IGN
15-Apr-2003 [Game News] Enjoy KotOR music today!
5-Apr-2003 [Game News] Yet Another KoTOR Update
5-Apr-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview at GamesRadar
5-Apr-2003 [Interview] Ask LucasArts on KotOR's Dark Side/Light Side stuff
22-Mar-2003 [Game News] KotOR site updated
15-Mar-2003 [Game News] KotOR trailer up at official site
13-Mar-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview from GDC over at HomeLAN
8-Mar-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview on GameSpot
8-Mar-2003 [Preview] IGN previews the KotOR
8-Mar-2003 [Game News] Bioware Creates New Extinct Species
6-Mar-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview at Games First
1-Mar-2003 [Preview] KotOR weapon profile at RPG Vault
14-Feb-2003 [Interview] KotOR interview at Star Wars Knights
12-Feb-2003 [Company News] BioWare newsletter #3
8-Feb-2003 [Game News] New KotOR shots at 3D Gamers
8-Feb-2003 [Preview] KotOR dev diary number 2 at IGN
3-Feb-2003 [Game News] KotOR fun at GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2003.
1-Feb-2003 [Preview] Sith Troopers revealed
1-Feb-2003 [Preview] KotOR diary #7: Weapons at RPG Vault
31-Jan-2003 [Preview] KotOR preview at GamesDomain
29-Jan-2003 [Development Info] KotOR release date slip
24-Jan-2003 [Game News] Another KotOR character
19-Jan-2003 [Interview] KotOR Q&A at RPGamer
18-Jan-2003 [Preview] Different SWKotOR dev diary at PC IGN
18-Jan-2003 [Game News] KotOR site update
18-Jan-2003 [Preview] Another KotOR diary at RPG Vault
11-Jan-2003 [Game News] Worlds in KotOR
10-Jan-2003 [Interview] KotOR interview at IGN
9-Jan-2003 [Game News] KotOR chat
7-Jan-2003 [Interview] Ask LucasArts at LucasArts!
5-Jan-2003 [Game News] KotOR shots at 3D Gamers
3-Jan-2003 [Game News] KotOR shots at ToTheGame
28-Dec-2002 [Preview] KotOR diary #5 at RPG Vault
26-Dec-2002 [Preview] KotOR preview at Daily Game
22-Dec-2002 [Game News] Wookie planet in KotOR revealed!
20-Dec-2002 [Interview] KotOR interview on HomeLAN Fed
19-Dec-2002 [Interview] KotOR interview at TeamXBox
14-Dec-2002 [Game News] KotOR dev diary at RPG Vault
13-Dec-2002 [Game News] New KotOR planet - Manaan
10-Dec-2002 [Game News] KotOR screens on the official site
10-Dec-2002 [Interview] GameSpy on Aussie conference things.
7-Dec-2002 [Preview] KotOR preview at GamingWorldX
6-Dec-2002 [Interview] KotOR chat log available at RPG Vault
1-Dec-2002 [Interview] Soule at HomeLAN
30-Nov-2002 [Preview] RPG Vault on KotOR character system.
29-Nov-2002 [Game News] Upcoming KotOR chat
26-Nov-2002 [Preview] KotOR preview on XBOX.IGN
25-Nov-2002 [Interview] KotOR Q&A on GamesDomain
22-Nov-2002 [Preview] RPG Vault visits KotOR
21-Nov-2002 [Interview] GameSpy interviews on KotOR
14-Nov-2002 [Interview] CVG Q&A on KotOR
13-Nov-2002 [Interview] Star Wars: KotOR Interview at Gamespy
12-Nov-2002 [Game News] KotOR shots on 3D Gamers
9-Nov-2002 [Game News] RPG Vault chat logs on KotOR
9-Nov-2002 [Game News] Star Wars: KotOR New Official Screenshots
6-Nov-2002 [Preview] SW:KotOR preview on GameSpot
5-Nov-2002 [Game News] Star Wars: KotOR chat this Friday
4-Nov-2002 [Game News] KotOR screenies on Gamer's Hell
2-Nov-2002 [Development Info] SW:KotOR Dev Diary #2 on RPG Vault
28-Oct-2002 [Company News] BioWare newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
23-Oct-2002 [Interview] Bioware Interview
22-Oct-2002 [Development Info] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Diary #1 on RPGVault
7-Aug-2002 [Development Info] Bioware announces new RPG's

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