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Another retarded...er, I mean, Armchair Empire likes KOTOR

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Another retarded...er, I mean, Armchair Empire likes KOTOR

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 January 2004, 15:49:47

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Armchair Empire decided to share with you <a href=http://www.armchairempire.com/Reviews/PC%20Games/star-wars-knights-old-republic.htm>some thoughts[/url] on KOTOR, a game that deserves no less then 9.1 for various reasons.

Role-playing game (RPG) purists – classified by the rabidity of their passion for the genre – seem to have more negative things to say about KOTOR than the typical gamer. I can’t really address their complaints, as I tend to fall into the typical gamer category​
Conclusion: typical gamer=moron who can't add two plus two and notice anything.

Most of the RPG standards are here: collecting cool doo-dads, lots of side quests, increasing your stats, team building, wasting bad guys. It’s all done in a hybrid real-time/turn-based presentation that really does work, although the control takes some getting used to.

When you’re exploring, everything is real-time but once you jump into combat KOTOR shifts to turn-based action. While turned-based combat may seem weird considering all the Star Wars action games that have been released, it works​
For the love of God, can somebody explain why people think that it's turn-based?

And really, it was the only way to go as you can have a party of four characters​
Oh, I see, that certainly explains a lot. Another review written without the added benefit of actually playing the game.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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