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Gaming Media drools all over KOTOR

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Gaming Media drools all over KOTOR

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 8 January 2004, 14:24:05

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Gaming Media posted one of the most retarded reviews of KOTOR ever, giving it 96% and Platinum Award for being able to choose between light and dark side, and incredibly deep gameplay.

Battling in the game adds a new kind of genre to the overly developing RPG style and will hopefully be seen in later games. With the ability to pause during a fight and pick the moves you want. Or to choose them even while you fight makes strategic combos different ways to kill each enemy. One way of combos might lead to your death but the next time you face that foe, and choose a different set you can actually change the outcome of the fight. Melee and long ranged attacks have been balanced for equal amounts of strategy. For example someone with a gun could probably do some damage before you reach them with your melee attack but with a light saber you will automatically deflect gun shots off from hitting you, giving the opportunity to strike unharmed. The various planets you can visit are extensive with many mini missions to accomplish. There has been times were I spent three-five hours on each planet. With the first planet as more of a learning curve, you get right into the game and the challenges lives on through the whole game. Especially when you’re introduced to a dark Jedi where I found myself having to restart many times before finishing them.​
Every time I think that I found the most idiotic review ever, somebody else rises to the challenge. A new kind of genre to the overly developed RPG style, huh? Blows your mind

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