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KotOR sweet nothings at Sphinx's Sanitarium

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KotOR sweet nothings at Sphinx's Sanitarium

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 2 December 2003, 17:41:40

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

There's a review over at Sphinx's Sanitarium covering the recently released Knights of the Old Republic, and boy does this guy love it! Here's a clip:

The RPG element is evident but not overwhelming. Yes you can customize some weapons and even the light sabers you wield but it's easy to manage and the descriptions are brief enough that it's easy to grasp what changes have been made. For example, if you customize a light saber with an extra crystal it does not rename the saber but simply states in the description "+1 Attack modifier" which of course is a good thing and easy to understand. There is also the usual cache of equipment and trinkets to put on your characters in the party. Arm braces, gauntlets, neural implants, and belts which can completely pimp out your group with all of the galaxy's finest equipment.​

Okay, the first sentence is understandable, but somewhere the point got lost, I think.

Spotted this on Blue's News

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