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KotOR sweet nothings at Game Revolution

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KotOR sweet nothings at Game Revolution

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 7 December 2003, 01:53:00

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game Revolution has posted their review of Knights of the Old Republic, giving it an A- score. Here's a clip:

KOTOR is truly epic in scope as well, spanning seven planets you can visit using your own starship, the Ebon Hawk (which for some reason, is not black). Bioware claims KOTOR has 40 hours of gameplay, but I?ve played it far longer than that. Those guys must have been rushing through as fast as they could.

Which, by the way, is the wrong way to play KOTOR. There are dozens of side quests you might choose to undertake. There are mini-games here as well, like Swoopbike racing, arena fighting, or a collectable gambling card game called Pazaak. There's more extra stuff here than you can shake a light saber at.​

Must be playing lots and lots of pazaak and swoop races then, because I really can't see it taking far longer than 40 hours to get through this doing all you can get sticking to the CRPG quests and things.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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