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RPGDot readers stunned by KotOR

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RPGDot readers stunned by KotOR

Editorial - posted by Spazmo on Mon 12 January 2004, 22:26:23

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

RPGDot's readers have--in a completely inexplicable turn of events--given Knights of the Old Republic the prize for Biggest RPG Surprise of 2003. The runners up were Gothic II and Temple of Elemental Evil.

The winner: Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Why would a RPG using one of the world's best-known licenses and made by one of the most recognised RPG developers catch players by surprise? Perhaps both these brands are big factors. There have been numerous average (or even poor) Star Wars games with only a few classics and licensed games are often disappointing. Despite Bioware's successes the single-player campaign for Neverwinter Nights was dull. Many players were uncomfortable with the Xbox version taking precedence -- and the simplifications this might entail. Whatever the reasons, KotOR surpassed many players' expectations and obviously caught them by surprise.​

Try as I might, I really just don't get this one. Why on Earth would anyone be surprised that a BioWare CRPG wouldn't be a huge hit? Did people go buy KotOR, install it and go "Hey, I thought this was going to be crap!" I am utterly bewildered by this award. Just goes to show, RPGDot, stop asking your readers what they think.

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