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Thunderbolt adores KOTOR

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Thunderbolt adores KOTOR

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 7 July 2004, 03:35:25

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Thunderbolt, a site that's apparently run "By Gamers For Gamers", has posted an overly exciting and equally stupid review of KotOR giving it whooping 10/10 for being one of the finest games in years.

Whether you’re on the Dark side or the Light side, you’re going to end up doing lots of fighting. Judging from screenshots, the combat seems to be action-based, much like the Jedi Knight series. However, it’s actually the turn-based Dungeons & Dragons based combat that is present in many other PC games. This means that your stats and an invisible 20-sided dice how much damage you dish out, your evasion rate, and so on.

The different paths you can take are undoubtedly KOTOR’s strongest feature. As fans of the movies know, it can be very easy to be swayed to the Dark Side, and the game captures this perfectly. Honestly, why would you pay 2000 credits for a droid when you can simply threaten the seller and get it for free? There are plenty of sidequests that help determine whether you’re on the Light or Dark side, and all of them are entertaining, and in some cases, thought-provoking. You’ll learn this halfway through the game when the brilliant plot twist is revealed and you become conflicted on what to do next. I sure won’t spoil that twist here, so you can thank me later​
Thought-provoking? That's definitely a new one.

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