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GameSpy interviews on KotOR

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GameSpy interviews on KotOR

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 21 November 2002, 20:49:05

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

GameSpy has put up an interview with the BioWare boys working on the up coming Star Wars CRPG, Knights of the Old Republic. Here's a bit about naughty and nice:

On Being a Nice Jedi vs. Being a Naughty Jedi

Muzyka: LucasArts has done a poll and about half the people enjoy playing a good character and half the people enjoy playing an evil character so we want to appeal to both segments. You can do that in a number of ways, such as force powers. There are some light powers you can only access if you're on the good side of the force and dark powers if you're on the dark side of the force. There are also some more subtle things as the storyline unfolds, such as choosing a more complicated solution to the problem or an easier solution problem. For example, in a scenario an easy option would be to dump some toxin into the water. However, the rest of the game could be affected where if you did choose to dump the toxin then you're leaning towards the dark side and will have to pay a higher price in med kits whereas if you choose the light side then your med kits would be cheaper. Both sides are rewarding.

Zeschuk: The dark side may seem more exciting in the short term, but ultimately it bites you in the end. For example, you may start getting chased by bounty hunters or ruining the economy of the universe. If you get to the ultimate good then your powers are exceptionally powerful. The same goes with evil. With either extreme you can become very powerful. The story of the game gets very interesting because it depends on your interaction. Is it all Vice City? No it's not all Vice City. There are other routes to take which can be just as rewarding depending on the player perspective.​

Questions.. So many questions.

Spotted this over at VoodooExtreme.

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