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KotOR riddle me this at PC GameWorld

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KotOR riddle me this at PC GameWorld

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 13 October 2003, 02:26:14

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

PC GameWorld, who refer to the title as an MMORPG, has posted their interview with BioWare guys, James Ohlen and Casey Hudson about Knights of the Old Republic. There's all kinds of fun and neat stuff in this thing, including this bit on planets:

[PC Gameworld] How did you come to decide which planets to include in the game?

[James/Casey] It started with the story, which was quite a planet-hopping adventure and required certain events to occur in different environments. We also wanted to have drastically different environments and color palettes, which is an important part of the Star Wars formula. We wanted to go to a water world and a tropical paradise world, since at that point they hadn?t been done before in Star Wars.

We knew we wanted to go to some planets specifically, such as Tatooine, for their obvious importance to the SW Universe. For example, we wanted to go to Alderaan, Dantooine, and Kashyyyk, since they?re places that Star Wars fans know about but haven?t really seen yet. It turned out that Alderaan wouldn?t work for us because of the story elements we wanted to do there, so turned that part of the story into our own concept for a water world (Manaan). Beyond that, there are the additional places that we wanted to go in the game, either for story reasons or because we really wanted Star Wars fans to experience a particular location.​

Well, the water world that was done in the last Star Wars movie really wasn't that interesting, anyway.

Spotted this at ShackNews

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