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I did KotOR

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I did KotOR

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 3 December 2003, 08:26:11

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Yup, it's up. Our little review of Knights of the Old Republic has been posted.

Another thing followers seem to often do is stop you from being evil for one reason or another. It's often rather sad when you go to pull off something evil, like mugging a person whom you just saved from being mugged, only to have a follower pop in and tell the guy to run away. The result is that you'll still get Dark Points, but you won't get any money from it. There's also no recourse to punish the follower for thwarting your evil ways. Of course, it's almost worse when they complain about you going to kill someone because you're evil, but once combat starts, they're right in there with you, killing the innocents.​

And there's even more fun filled things like that if you click on that link above.

Big thanks to Ibbz, Kreegle, and Exitium for proof reading it for me.

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