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Four Fat Chicks dig KotOR

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Four Fat Chicks dig KotOR

Review - posted by Spazmo on Fri 6 February 2004, 16:42:11

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Four Fat Chicks have posted a review of BioWare's Star Wars CRPG, Knights of the Old Republic. There's no numerical score, but the review is overwhelmingly positive.

Party members include three other Jedi, one of them being that snot Bastila (ooh, how I wished I could've reached into my TV and fattened her lip once or twice); a couple of robots, er, droids, I mean; a mercenary; that damned goody two-shoes Republic soldier Carth; and a big ol' hairy Wookie and his interspecies gal pal, a perky Twi'lek named Mission ("Twi'lek" means "Two Blue Snake Butts Growing out of Your Blue Head," I think). Most of them are weak. I wound up choosing the same two for almost every outing, that bitch Bastila and my favorite bad-ass humanoid droid, the stylishly metallic HK-47. Sometimes I was forced to do a mission by myself, and sometimes I could not choose these two characters (your party has a three-character maximum) for whatever reason and had to use a lesser character. Like that damned Carth. Actually, that damned Carth was a halfway decent buttkicker. I just did not like him much. No sirree Bob, not much at all.​

The review makes an interesting point about how KotOR serves as a bridge for adventure gamers into RPGs, which is pretty much spot on. The adventure genre isn't dead--we have BioWare!
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