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KotOR beach blanket bingo at Telefragged

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KotOR beach blanket bingo at Telefragged

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 2 December 2003, 02:22:04

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

There's a review of Knights of the Old Republic over at Telefragged, giving the game a 93% - even gave the interface a 93% for some, odd reason. Well, here's a clip:

KOTOR takes place in the Star Wars universe, but it's three thousand years before the events in the six movies. Instead of the Empire, the bad guys are the Sith - they're still run by evil ex-Jedi, and they basically work just like you'd expect the Empire to. Your character starts out as a soldier, but soon finds that his or her ability with the Force is very strong, and over the course of the game you can become a powerful Jedi yourself. The game allows a light side or dark side solution to almost every quest, and you will eventually have to pick a side.​

Yeah, well, the Empire was Sith too.

Spotted this at Shacknews

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