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Gameguru thinks KOTOR is awesome

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Gameguru thinks KOTOR is awesome

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 22 January 2004, 15:48:49

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Gameguru posted this very short review of KOTOR giving it 92% and 5/5 for playability which is excellent, fantastic story, simplified version of 3rd Edition D&D, WASD+mouse controls.

The combat is rules-based, real-time and pretty dynamic, with the ability to pause the time and deal out commands to your party members (they will perform those actions based on their stats). Since you have a huge number of Force Powers, combat feats, weapons, and items to use in combat, in addition to the challenge of controlling a party of 3 characters, there is a ton of things to do during combat. I found the fights very enjoyable, particularly using Force powers as you really do get a feeling of your superiority as a Jedi. There are also three different mini-games that serve as fun interludes: Pazaak (simple collectible card game), Swoop Racing and Ebon Hawk Gunner (turret gun space battle). The controls have been completely revamped for the PC, and now use the keyboard-[WASD]/mouse combo that we have all come to know and like.​
I'm a big fan of rules-based combat myself. I also like combat-oriented fighters and solution-based quests. They add depth to gameplay :)

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