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OcPrices approves of KOTOR

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OcPrices approves of KOTOR

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 10 February 2004, 22:28:46

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A site creatively called OcPrices posted a very detailed <a href=http://www.ocprices.com/index.php?game_id=52&cat_id=88&action=games>review[/url] of KOTOR. The rating is Excellent because it’s especially genius the way Bioware have blended the turn based combat with real time!

The game is a RPG similar to the likes of Morrowind, in that you direct your character from a third person perspective (unlike Morrowind however there is no first person mode available if you wish), but with a striking difference, the combat is turn based. All the combat is based on Dungeons and Dragons style rules, familiar with Bioware's other RPG titles, which have things like saving throws, attacks, and other factors all done using multisided dice and figures.
Now before you run away screaming, thinking this sounds really dull, boring, and extremely nerdish, please stop and listen… it actually works extremely well. For starters, despite technically being turn based, actions are played out in real time and all the dice rolling and character stats for combat are worked out in the background away from your eyes.​
What a waste of a perfectly good bandwidth!

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