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Bioware Interview

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Bioware Interview

Interview - posted by Ibbz on Wed 23 October 2002, 01:42:00

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The official Canadian site for Microsoft's XBOX has done an interview with the founders of Bioware, Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk. They discuss various things, ranging from the XBOX itself, to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which will be released on the XBOX {as well as the PC}. Here's a piece.....

Xbox Canada: What's the secret to being a great developer?

Ray: Our employees at BioWare are smart, creative, hard-working and passionate about what they do. They love video games and are continually challenging themselves to outdo the last games they worked on – each game here needs to be better than the last.
Spotted at VE3D.

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