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KotOR a mixed dish for RPG.net

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KotOR a mixed dish for RPG.net

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 11 January 2004, 14:08:26

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

RPG.net has done and posted a review of Knights of the Old Republic saying that it basically could have used more porting and polishing, but is otherwise not that bad. Here's a taste:

Gamers will be happy to see that a simplified D20 system (akin to the Star Wars pen and paper RPG) is used for the game mechanics. Note the key word: simplified. This is particularly noticeable with character classes. Your character’s class is locked into two modes. Your class before jedi training and your class after jedi training. Your NPC’s will be locked into their respective classes the entire game. Given there are a very limited number of classes (3 non jedi, 3 jedi, 2 robotic) it would have been great to be able to mix and match a little.

There are certain feats that would have been nice to have had in the game, given its melee combat focus with jedi knights. Specifically cleave and its enhanced follow-up feats leap to mind. The feats are also a little sparse, which leads to many characters resembling each other in feat selection.​

I got to say, I like this one. Many of the objections I had with the title are also in this thing.

Thanks, Ausir!

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