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GameZone: KOTOR is the best game of 2003

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GameZone: KOTOR is the best game of 2003

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 8 January 2004, 16:00:44

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

GameZone gave the Game of the Year award to KOTOR

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic manages to capture the epic battle between good and evil on a grand scale. It allows you to choose from the light side or dark side of the force at every twist and turn, during almost every conversation and side quest. It shows just how hard it is to choose the high road, and how easy it is to lose patience and fall to the path of evil. The temptations of the dark side beckon at every turn. The amazing amount of choices presented to the player makes replaying KOTOR a necessity so all the decisions and side quests can be experienced on both sides of the force. The graphics and detail are striking, lived in, yet familiar. The music is hauntingly beautiful and reminiscent of John Williams emotive score while being almost entirely original. The sound and voice work are all drenched with an attention to detail and quality that rival a feature film.

The greatest Star Wars game ever gets better. The PC version of Knights of the Old Republic offers better graphics, a PC friendly interface, and a new area and new items. Plus, the game tells one of the most compelling Star Wars stories since the original trilogy.​
The greatest game got better, now with more ph4t l3wt, a PC friendly interface, and a heavy dose of hype from every game site

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