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GamePowah hypes KOTOR

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GamePowah hypes KOTOR

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 11 February 2004, 14:04:16

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

An Australian site, Game Power, decided to show that Australians are not strangers to hype and posted this review of everyone's favourite game, KOTOR, giving it 9 out of 10 for overall awesomeness.

The arrival of Knights of the Old Republic may well spell the end of roleplaying games where the player is merely a bystander, jumping through hoops to reveal a pre-determined story. If you've ever enjoyed the Star Wars universe or roleplaying games, and even if you haven't, you can't afford to overlook BioWare's latest masterpiece.

The combat isn't real-time, although it may appear to be, which means that your characters vital statistics, class, skill set and weapons all matter in a battle – your hand-eye coordination doesn't, and if your statistics aren't a match for your opponent's, no amount of ducking, dodging or blocking will save your skin.​
This is the most creative and dumb explanation of why KOTOR's combat isn't RT evar.

Spotted at: GenGamers

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