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KotOR lusting at CGR

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KotOR lusting at CGR

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 1 December 2003, 14:40:05

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Computer Games Romania has done up and posted their eight page review of Knights of the Old Republic, giving it a 97% rating. Though it's eight pages, each page only has a few paragraphs, though. Here's one such paragraph:

The choices you make during the game have a lot more impact on your character than you will believe at first. The way in which you handle the different in game situations will give you light or dark side points. These points affect your character alignment and much more. First of, you change physically. If you're a follower of the light, you probably won't see anything out of the ordinary. If you start to slip towards the dark side, you're face will become paler and your eyes will start to glow, just like the Emperor from the original Star Wars trilogy. The experience points are also distributed according to how well you handled the situation. At the trial mentioned earlier, if you manage to get a "not guilty" verdict, you will receive 1000 xps. If you get a "guilty" verdict, you will receive only 300. You alignment will greatly affect the use of Force powers. Like feats, there are a lot of them, from the famous Jedi Push, Heal or Force Lightning to the less known Wound, Valor or Stun and they also have three levels on which you can improve them. The importance of your alignment becomes evident when you will use them. The more advanced a force power is, the less stamina (or mana if you like) it will consume.​

The physical change thing I found fairly funny, because I'd already started the physical change when I was being reviewed for training at the Jedi council - and they don't seem to recognise this at all.

Spotted this at Shacknews

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