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BioWare newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

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BioWare newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 28 October 2002, 21:25:18

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare has sent out their Official Newsletter for the first time to everyone that's ever signed up for their forum. Oddly enough, I only signed on to their forum to take up for someone that wasn't satisfied with NWN, but I got the newsletter anyway.

It covers NWN events and news for the last month, as well as upcoming titles. Here's a bit about Star Wars: KOTOR:

+ Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (SW:KotOR)

BioWare is hard at work with LucasArts on the first RPG set in the Star
Wars universe. Set 4000 years before the events of the films. This vast
adventure is coming out for the Xbox first and then PC soon after. Light
sabers, furry sidekicks, bleeping droids and nameless evil henchmen all
working for a shadowy villain in a complex tale of revenge, salvation,
and glory. Check out the official site:


SW: KoTOR Project Director and Producer Casey Hudson and LucasArts
Producer Mike Gallo will be making an appearance on BioWare's Star Wars:
Knights of the Old Republic forums every Wednesday to discuss the game
with fans. In addition, two Thursdays a month fans can expect a
featurette on some part of the SW: KotOR universe such as a planet,
character or special item.

Check out the first featurette on a mysterious old Jedi named Jolee


Interested in evil? Maybe you should visit the planet Korriban


You can be evil in KOTOR! No really! And NWN was open ended too!

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