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Star Wars: KotOR Interview at Gamespy

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Star Wars: KotOR Interview at Gamespy

Interview - posted by Ibbz on Wed 13 November 2002, 16:12:17

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

We have yet another interview for KotOR, this time at Gamespy. It covers various things, ranging from to who came up with the concept of KotOR, to whether you can wield double-bladed lightsabers.
Here's a bit:

GameSpy: What impact does a character's Force-alignment have on his capabilities?

James: A character's Force-alignment affects his ability to use the Force. A player isn't restricted from choosing lightside or darkside Force powers when he levels up. If he's a lightside Jedi, he can still choose darkside powers. However, darkside and lightside powers work more efficiently if the character is the proper alignment. For example, if a character was at the top of the lightside scale and he chose 'Force choke' as a power, then whenever he used that power it would cost more Force points to power than if a darksider had used the power. Using darkside powers also has the added penalty of sliding a character towards the darkside. If a character uses Force choke to kill a sentient creature, then a small darkside hit is applied to him.
Force choke brings back the memories....."I find your lack of faith disturbing."
Spotted at VE3D.

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