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Why idiots like KOTOR?

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Why idiots like KOTOR?

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 18 August 2004, 22:21:48

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

To answer that question we present you the latest KotOR review, courtesy of Smash Games. The score is 52.5 out of ... no, not 100, out of 55. The author thinks that it's "one of Bioware's finest works and, simply put, Knights of the Old Republic is the best PC-style RPG since Baldur's Gate, and one of the best RPGs ever created".

As KOTOR is an RPG, combat plays a huge role in the game. Although you can move around at will during battle, the combat system is almost identical to that in Neverwinter Nights, only much more dramatically-animated, making battles a pleasure, with fast-paced parries, slashes, and blasts. In the first part of the game, battles are simply "your skills vs. theirs," and if you are able to control your party three-person aptly, picking off dangerous targets in a smart order, you'll win. However, this simplicity does not last long. This should be no big spoiler to anyone: your character becomes a Jedi somewhat early on in the game. From this point on, your party will face not just the common enemy rabble, but Dark-Side Force Users. You'll have to counter them using the four Jedi available to you, armed with their varying lightsaber styles and plethora of Force skills. The game quickly becomes a balancing act: choosing your Force skills and combat abilities well, and deciding which party members will complement them well in order to adapt to any situation. Becoming a Jedi greatly enhances both difficulty and overall gameplay experience.​
Counter them? He made it sound like some strategy was required.

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