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The most idiotic KOTOR review evar

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The most idiotic KOTOR review evar

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 8 November 2004, 00:13:24

Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Wow, two really stupid KOTOR reviews in one day! What are the odds of that? <a href=http://www.gamedreamz.com/index.cgi?m=stories&s=read&id=2053>This one[/url] is written by Game Dreamz, a gayer-than-Christmas anime site. The score is 9.5/10 because "KOTOR is flawless. Nothing else is wrong and it’s a testament to Bioware’s ability to pay attention to detail and weave an exhilarating yarn."

KOTOR is not a game. It’s a living; breathing world full of emotion, conquest, romance and epic battles
The worlds themselves could also be labeled as characters. Huge, expansive forests contrast barren deserts and lush grasslands. The worlds, in a word, are GIGANTIC. And, there’s tons, and I mean tons, of sidequests and sightseeing to be found. In a sense, it’s almost difficult to leave each world due to the attachment you will have to the vistas and natives throughout. Never before, in an RPG or otherwise, did I feel like difference were actually being made due to my decisions.
Where Morrowind was a vast, untouched realm of free-roaming adventure, ranging from dull moments to great moments, KOTOR puts you on a linear enough path to keep things exciting at all times. It’s much more focused and much more rewarding in the long run, and at the same time, you never feel like you are confined by its structure. Bravo to the developers.
KOTOR utilizes a D&D twenty-sided-die rule-set for its extravagant, turned based battles. It’s a bit confining at first, but once you get accustomed to the nature of the battle system, it becomes intuitive, thus providing a strategic battle each and every time. The options allow you to make it more real-time and some of the later boss battles rival most straight-up action games on the market.​
I could never understand how people get to be so stupid. Must be the anime thing.

Edit: For something even more stupid, take a look at their <a href=http://www.gamedreamz.com/index.cgi?m=stories&s=read&id=161>FOBOS preview[/url]: "Being a huge fan of the original Fallouts, I know that this one is going to be just as good. Baulders Gate and Hunter were good games, but they could have been better. I'm hoping this is where Fallout really shines."

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