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IGN previews the KotOR

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IGN previews the KotOR

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 8 March 2003, 18:18:08

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

PC.IGN has posted a huge preview of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. Here's a clip on the whole Dark Side vs. Light Side thing:

What's this all leading to? BioWare estimates KOTOR will take most gamers between 40-60 hours to play through one time. Having the ability to play scenarios multiple ways and follow the path to the Light or Dark side means the game easily has a load of replayability. Add to this the fact that the game changes somewhat depending on which of the three character classes you choose to be and that things play different if you are male or female, and it's easy to realize that one could actually play through all of KOTOR dozen times and get a dozen different experiences.​

I vaguely remember hearing the same thing about Neverwinter Nights in previews. Call it Once bitten, twice shy pessimism if I don't blindly accept this as the literal word, here.

Spotted this at VoodooExtreme.

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