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The most overhyped KOTOR review ever

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The most overhyped KOTOR review ever

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 13 January 2004, 17:24:25

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Next Level Gaming posted this commercial<a/> of KOTOR giving it 98 out of 100.

You are a PC gamer that cherished every product Bioware released, the revolutionary MDK and it’s sequel, the amazing Baldur’s Gate series that redefined CRPG’s, and Neverwinter Nights< – still going strong thanks to an amazing mod community base, great add-ons and continued developer support

Along the way you come across a rag tag group of party members, nine in all, covering the entire spectrum between the light and dark side. Fans of Baldur’s Gate remember the brave Minsc and his miniature space hamster, the stuck up Jaheira and the whining Imoen (ok she was your sister so you had to put up with it). The voice acting for these characters were top notch and the side quests and character development secured their place in gaming history. Knights of the Old Republic continues Bioware’s of creating interesting characters that are easy to grow attached to.

The choices you are presented with, the moral questions asked through quests and how they are balanced as a dark or light side action are the stuff of philosophy classes into the duality of man

It’s been said again and again by now that Knights of the Old Republic is a great RPG that makes exceptional use of the Star Wars license. This RPG is exceptionally deep if you take the time to sink your teeth into the experience. The adventures to be had, the replayability available from the choices to be made, and the sheer experience of playing a Jedi with your own ship and crew is mind blowing.​
Actually, what's mind blowing is the amount of hype in this review. My infamous biasness aside, the review serves no purpose as its exaggerates everything while making numerious references to the greatness of Bioware and telling little about the actual gameplay.

Spotted at: [url=http://www.bluesnews.com]Blue's News

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