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Mass Effect 2 Tracks 'Hundreds of Variables'

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Mass Effect 2 Tracks 'Hundreds of Variables'

Interview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Mon 27 July 2009, 22:38:13

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

There's a Mass Effect 2 centered interview with Bioware's Casey Hudson on PCWorld. There's a lot of fluff information, but Mr. Hudson does make a pretty bold claim about how the save-game imports will work in Mass Effect 2.
When you import it into Mass Effect 2, now we can continue mining all that information. And it's not just what your ending was, or a couple of the big choices, you know, where we could have stuck a conversation at the beginning and asked you what you did and moved on. This is literally hundreds of things.
Jump forward two years. Now you're playing Mass Effect 2, and oh my god, who's this, it's Conrad Verner! And based on what you've done, you realize that while the moment in the first game maybe seemed throwaway, now Conrad's back and involved in another plot in a game you're playing two years later...and what you did two years ago is meaningfully affecting what's happening. That's a small example.
The larger examples are things like...take the way you navigate through the ending of Mass Effect, how you left the galaxy in a certain state with humans, whether they were in control of the Galactic Council or not, things like that. In Mass Effect 2, when you walk around, you'll see all the areas affected by your decisions, including large scale stuff like the Citadel. You'll see signs all over the place that either humans are in control or that they're working more with the aliens and the Citadel is more like it was in the first game.
It's also part of dialogues, part of signs that you see, even reflected in PA announcements that you'll hear. So it's woven through the entire experience, from beginning to end.
Hundreds of variables doesn't mean much, however. Like the backgrounds in ME1, it could result in mostly cosmetic dialogue lines from NPCs (though each did have a unique quest associated with them). It remains to be seen whether or not choices made in the first game will really matter, or if this will be akin to the Bethesda statement on Fallout 3 having "hundreds of endings".
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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