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Bioware Interview At MTV Multiplayer

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Bioware Interview At MTV Multiplayer

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Wed 1 April 2009, 03:02:54

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

MTV Multiplayer posted an interview of the two Bioware MDs with a combination of journalist submitted and reader submitted questions, mostly on Mass Effect 2, with a few Dragon Age and The Old Republic mentions sprinkled in.
Will players be able to move their ME save to ME2?

Zeschuk: Keep your saved games is what we’re telling people now, but as far as how that all works, it remains a mystery. Fortunately, we can apply alien technology.

Muzyka: It’s not a mystery to us but a surprise for fans. But everything we’ve said about moving your games between the products in the trilogy, or saves and characters, was true. And everything in the teaser is also true. So it’s a disconnect. It’s a surprise.
MTV Multiplayer: So the ramifications of your choices… What if players change their mind? Like Wrex is dead, and by forever, you mean forever. I’m assuming you’d have to start over then…

Zeschuk: Mmmm. I think you’ve got to go back. You can’t rewrite history. You’ve made your choices.
MTV Multiplayer: What things are you fixing in “Mass Effect 2″?

Muzyka: One of the things that we definitely listen to is fan feedback. We got a lot of feedback about small things and big things in “ME1,” and we’re basically trying to look at all the feedback we’ve gotten. So some of it is about amping up the intensity of the action. “ME2″ is an RPG but it’s a shooter-RPG. We’re really focusing on the intensity of the action experience. And also, tightening the exploration. Uncharted worlds, they’re still optional but we want to make all of them feel important and feel like they’re all augmenting and improving your main passage through the game. They’re still optional but you’re going to really feel rewarded for having gone through them. It’s a much tighter experience as a result. Moment-to-moment intensity, being able to grab control of the conversations that we didn’t do in the first game. Small things too, like reducing the elevator speed times and things like that. Those are important to fans. We recognize that.
Sounds like some of the right things to do. Better exploration could go a long way. So could good dialogues with choices and consequences, but I'll take what I can get.
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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