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The World of The Collectors Part 2

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The World of The Collectors Part 2

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 16 February 2010, 15:08:13

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

GameInformer continues to talk to BioWare art director Derek Watts, this time about the creation of Thane.

A lot of the time we will do the head first and then work on the body. I chose Thane because he was the toughest character for us to get. We had a written description of him to start with; we usually get about a paragraph of text to start, and that's all we really need. For us the key words were “career assassin”. The problem was, he was going to be the female love interest. Now that doesn't sound like much if you think about it, but it got us all mixed up a bunch of times, because women were going to have to find this guy attractive. So we asked all the women in the office what they liked in their aliens, and that kind of got us going off a lot of weird directions in the beginning and made it harder than it should have been. As far as men go – like with the Asari – you make her blue and give her the perfect body and you’re good to go. Women are more sophisticated than that.

Are they? Codex females can confirm?

Overall, we are very happy with Thane. He took a lot of work, but the great thing was we went to show him to a lot of the women in the office, and they actually really started to feel intrigued by this guy. The thing that makes them come to life, of course, is the animation, and the writing, but after they did the acting and added that light filtering to his voice I think he turned out to be a great character in the game.

Was Thane a great character? I think he was a pretty cool guy because he had a sniper rifle.

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