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When You Press a Button Something Awesome Happens

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When You Press a Button Something Awesome Happens

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 18 October 2010, 15:02:03

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

Some folks found Dragon Age hard to love. Thankfully BioWare is aware that the game was overly complex and is about to simplify Dragon Age 2 properly, says CVG.

<span class="text_article_body">Outside of the chatting, the combat is being simplified too. Bioware has chucked out the 'queued action' system - where you'd press a button and wait until your character attacked - with more direct control.

If you press the stab button, your on-screen warrior will stab. Nice to know. This makes fights feel faster, even if they are actually running at the same pace as they did in the first outing.</span>
<span class="text_article_body">...</span>
<span class="text_article_body">The pay-off, though, is more spectacular sequences that fizz with magic and frequently coat everything on screen in gore.</span>
<span class="text_article_body">Awesome! That's what RPGs are all about!</span>
<span class="text_article_body">
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