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Dragon Age II Preview and New Screenshots

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Dragon Age II Preview and New Screenshots

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 14 July 2010, 15:08:51

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II put up a preview of Dragon Age II, including new screenshots. Here, let Google help you to translate it.

Hawkes 10th adventure begins parallel to the attack of the Dark Brut Ferelden the country. Instead, however, oppose the monsters, Hawke fled north from the village Lothering just before it is destroyed for good. Hawke has the title Champion of Kirkwall. What exactly he or she has done to read this honor, should form part of the plot of Dragon Age 2nd Thus, the player will explore with his group, the area around Kirkwall and other free city-states to do there adventure.

Yes, they will do there adventure. Also:

Already have already revealed some characters from Dragon Age 2 was. We put the figure briefly.
Hawke : The choice of male or female hero is the main character of Dragon Age 2, and leads the player through the 10-year history.
Bethany: Hawkes sister is a magician and supports her brother in the battle with fire spells.
Cassandra : The Inquisitor has a burning interest in the hero did Hawkes.
Varric : The dwarf Hawke has accompanied on his travels and is the storyteller in Dragon Age 2nd .
Flemeth : The mighty shapeshifts and mother of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins is also in Dragon Age 2 again with the party.

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