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BioWare's Hippocratic Game Design @ The Escapist

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BioWare's Hippocratic Game Design @ The Escapist

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 17 November 2008, 05:10:10

Tags: BioWare

The Escapist has blocks of text up about the history of BioWare. Here's their mission statement:
"[Medicine] taught you some really valuable principles for life in general. ... It teaches you the value of treating people with respect and dignity," says Muzyka.

"Our studio's original mission statement was to deliver the best story-driven games and through that process to engage the world, to engage all our players emotionally in our games," says Muzyka. Whether it was the narrative breakthroughs offered by Mass Effect or the ever-present morality systems that originated with Baldur's Gate, these games are notable for the great lengths to which they go to emotionally invest the player in the experience. To produce games like this, deeply affecting pieces of entertainment, requires a vision well beyond the collective of overgrown adolescents that often characterize the industry at large. It demands the influence of two individuals who have had the opportunity to relate to people in a fundamentally personal way.

Ahhhh... So that's why they have so many romances in their games.
Ray also points out that crucial to both professions was "recognizing you may not know everything, but that it's okay, you just ask for help." Ray attributes part of BioWare's initial success to accepting this reality from the outset. "With our first two titles no one had ever made a videogame before. We just assumed, 'We don't know what we're doing, but we're going to figure it out and try to make a great game.'"

"The knee bone's connected to the...something. The something's connected to thing. The red thing's connected to my...wrist watch."

Thanks Applegate's Breasts!

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