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GameSpy gets pissy with Fallout fans

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GameSpy gets pissy with Fallout fans

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 4 December 2003, 14:44:06

Tags: BioWare; Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

Yup, GameSpy has done up a little He said, He said editorial written by one <s>idiot</s> person working for them. Here's the part where he gets pissy about Fallout's fan base getting riled up over the problems with Fallout Tactics's inconsistancies with the rest of the series:

Fallout fans pull this stuff all the time. They flamed Fallout: Tactics from the minute it was announced, feeling that only they were qualified to judge the direction of the future of the franchise. I remember a long-running whine over a Tactics screenshot that drove the Fallout fans nuts because some lizard-beast had hair! "How dare you! Don't you know these things are reptiles? They don't have hair! You're ruining the franchise!"

I reiterate - gamers are buying a game, not stock in the company. The game's creators only owe gamers their best efforts to produce a quality, bug-free product. They are not required to submit to gamers for approval if they decide to move the storyline forward or change the gameplay mechanics, nor do gamers have some divine right to a sequel to a series they enjoy. If they don't like what the developers are producing - they don't have to buy it.​

Two things about the above:

  • No, I don't have to buy it. That's why I've gone from buying several games a month down to maybe five per year.
  • If fans don't like the changes, they don't have to watch it! is the kind of thinking that's keeping Star Trek: Enterprise in tune out land.

There's also a funny little bit about Knights of the Old Republic having a small development team when the manual has four pages of credits, two of them devoted to BioWare people. Thanks to Puuk for pointing that out in the comment thread where I spotted this on No Mutants Allowed after Rosh pointed me there.

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