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Gamers With Jobs find Bioware *gasp* overrated

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Gamers With Jobs find Bioware *gasp* overrated

Editorial - posted by Calis on Wed 2 April 2008, 17:51:49

Tags: BioWare

Yes, really. Unfortunately, the author of the piece in question barely touches on any kind of analysis of the design choices that, in his mind, put Bioware's games below the mark implied by the overwhelmingly positive reception from so-called critics. Here's a piece on KOTOR and Jade Empire:
I contend that with a lesser brand (and certainly without the Star Wars trappings) Knights of the Old Republic would have been a largely forgettable experience. And, Jade Empire would have been a product praised for making the effort but condemned to a host of average scores instead of being heralded by one IGN reviewer as “one of the greatest action RPG's of all-time” while another IGN reviewer suggested that the first had “underrated” Jade Empire by giving it a 9.9!

While the author does point out the dangers of an atmosphere in which a company gets an ab-initio free pass for anything they release, nowhere in the opinion piece does he really try to analyze why this is, why the games don't deserve the praise they're getting or how the problem (perceived or otherwise) he describes applies to other developers. Anyway, you can read the rest here.

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